Everybody Wins When You Let Go of Paper-based Scheduling

We are decades into the digital revolution and the healthcare industry has a strong understanding of the importance and value of usable data. So, it is hard to imagine why an estimated 50% of healthcare settings are still using paper or excel when it comes to staff scheduling. In the past, there were many good […]

Goodbye Punch Clocks! Introducing Cloud-based Time and Attendance

The future of Time and Attendance tracking has arrived. It’s smart, it’s easy and it’s affordable. Here’s how it works. As employees arrive at their designated facility or department (or really, any location), they simply click “Punch In” from their mobile phone. If they forget, a reminder pops up and they can “Punch In” right […]

Your Happiness Inspires Us to Do More

What inspires us at ABILITY is seeing our innovations make your life better. Here are a few of the things you inspired in 2017 You asked us to take our powerful, easy to use, cloud-based approach that we are known for in staff scheduling and work the same magic to simplify and improve time and […]

The Cost of Resisting Change (Part 2)

Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA In our last post The Cost of Resisting Change is Going Up we promised to share some examples and offer suggestions for simple changes that can help build and maintain an engaged and committed workforce. While this is a complex topic that has many aspects and influences, it seems fitting to […]

The Cost of Resisting Change is Going Up

Evidence that change is getting our attention was visible in a surprising way, at this years Magnet conference in Houston, with the increased number of vendors offing age defying products. Nurses were lined up to try out new, and by the way expensive, ways to eliminate wrinkles and remove those dark circles under the eyes […]

Fill More Open Shifts with Staff Engagement

Key to filling more open shifts is creating an environment where scheduling becomes a collaborative process between managers and staff, one in which staff are empowered to be active participants in scheduling.

The Truth About Mobile Apps – Don’t Be Surprised. Be Informed

Just because someone says they have a Mobile App, it does not necessarily mean they have a Mobile App that will perform the way you would expect it to. That is because all Apps are not the same.  Being informed on Mobile Apps can mean the difference between you buying something that causes frustration for […]

“Shout Outs” Help Incorporate Recognition into Daily Routine

It only takes a moment to let someone know you appreciate them. The impact of recognition can have lasting positive effects on the attitude and motivation of staff while strengthening manager staff relationships. The importance of recognition is well documented. It’s significance is highlighted by being one of the six standards of Healthy Work Environments […]

Unprecedented Flexibility – Sets You Free

When a product is built, from its inception, based on a deep understanding of the needs of the people who will be using it, the result is an intuitive and easy to use solution. When a product is built to account for all the variations in the requirements of different types of users, different settings, […]

Reducing Manager Stress by Easing Staffing Concerns

The intensity and demands of being a manager is something we need to pay attention to. This is a role that is both critical to operations and highly stressful. Long-term stress can have an impact on manager turnover, relationships with staff, patient care, and quality. One of the things managers identify at the top of […]