Scheduling Beyond the Clinical Areas

Organization Wide Value Does your Dietary Department or Environmental Services Department still use paper for scheduling? Many may not realize that the benefits you get from scheduling with ShiftHound are not limited to the clinical areas.  Built on a modern architecture and designed with a 360 degree understanding of healthcare operations, ShiftHound can be configured […]

Empowering Data Driven Decisions

Data driven or evidence-based decision-making is a must in today’s world of staffing and scheduling.  We use data to inform our decisions, to track the impact of our decisions, to defend decisions, and to identify ways we need to make adjustments. The challenge has always been that the data needed to make effective decisions is […]

Don’t Just Collect Credentialing Data. Put it to Work for You.

The headaches, issues, and risks that come with collecting, verifying, tracking and maintaining credentials are well known so it is not surprising that organizations are quickly migrating to now affordable, cloud-based credentialing solutions. The many benefits of well-designed automation is transforming this labor-intensive process and creating a win for staff, managers and their organizations alike.

The Role of Staffing Automation in Reducing Turnover

Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound In the constant search for cost savings in healthcare operations, employee turnover is a culprit many would like to address. In acute care, turnover rates run around 20%, in long term care the number jumps to 70%. While opinions on replacement costs vary, between 50% to […]

Zen and the Art of Healthcare Staffing

By Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound It wasn’t that long ago that few, if any, could imagine that a telephone would have all the capabilities of today’s Smartphones. Yet here we are talking, texting, taking pictures and videos, watching TV or movies and listening to our favorite music with playlists we create, […]

Too Busy to Do it Right?

By Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound Being a manager in healthcare is hard. Along with 24×7 responsibility comes a constant flow of complex situations, unpredictable variables and sorting through the vast array of human needs that comes with people facing compromised health. On top of this are responsibilities for quality, safety, best […]

Overtime Meets its Match in Staffing Automation

Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound With so much attention on data strategies, big data, data scientists, data ownership, data centralization, data integration, data mining, data ethics (the list could go on) it can be easy to over look the power in the use of some very simple data sets. One of […]

Right Staffing: We Can Eliminate Understaffing AND Overstaffing if We Stop Being Lazy!

Everyone agrees that understaffing a hospital is dangerous and will lead to unhappy staff, poor clinical outcomes, and an increase in sentinel events and related liability. Many states have implemented required staffing ratios to ensure hospitals are not dangerously understaffing their units intentionally (to save a buck) or unintentionally due to lack of knowledge. There […]

The High (and Hidden) Costs of Staff Turnover in Healthcare

Everyone has heard the adage “everyone is replaceable”, and most managers take comfort from that when there is staff turnover, but it comes at a cost (and probably higher than you believe) and you better understand what it is exactly before you take it for granted. Turnover is a part of operating any organization most […]