Don’t Just Collect Credentialing Data. Put it to Work for You.

The headaches, issues, and risks that come with collecting, verifying, tracking and maintaining credentials are well known so it is not surprising that organizations are quickly migrating to now affordable, cloud-based credentialing solutions. The many benefits of well-designed automation is transforming this labor-intensive process and creating a win for staff, managers and their organizations alike.

Staff are empowered to collect, organize, and track their licenses and certifications online with the added benefit of alerts that let them know when expiration dates are approaching. Bring transparency to the situation inspires action and address the main reason credentials lapse; forgetting it’s time to renew.

Managers, who also get alerts, are always up to date on pending or expired credentials. They no longer need to rely on inefficient and outdated ways of collecting and tracking credentials for their staff. With automaton they can easily view and verify credentials from any computer, iPad or mobile phone.

Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound

By equipping managers and staff with these tools organizations gain efficiency in operations, get the value of data integrity, reduce risks, improve quality and avoid compliance issues.

But the value doesn’t stop there. Once you are collecting and managing credentialing data in an automated environment, you can put that data to work for you in more ways.

The power of using data to inform effective decisions in day-to-day operations is leveraged when we integrate credentialing with scheduling. By surfacing credentialing data within scheduling, you can see, right when you are making staffing decisions, if a staff members licenses or certifications are about to, or have expired.  With this level of visibility you can eliminate the risk of having staff on the job with outdated credentials.

With so much value on the table, combined with affordability and easy of adoption, moving forward with integrated scheduling and credentialing makes a lot of sense.

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