Empowering Data Driven Decisions

org_chartsData driven or evidence-based decision-making is a must in today’s world of staffing and scheduling.  We use data to inform our decisions, to track the impact of our decisions, to defend decisions, and to identify ways we need to make adjustments. The challenge has always been that the data needed to make effective decisions is rarely easily accessible when it is needed.

In the busy world of staffing, it is not realistic to expect data driven decisions if the data that is needed is sitting in reports, emails or filing cabinets.  This barrier is eliminated with scheduling solutions that are designed specifically to bring visibility to key data right to the point where decisions are made.

Consider how decisions would be impacted if things like overtime data, seniority, date last called off or on, license expiration, over/under staffing, missed clock-ins were all instantly available. Add to that the ability to drill into more detailed information just a click away. This kind of access makes the data you are collecting useful in day-to day activities, improving decisions and therefore improving consistency, fairness, quality and the bottom line.

When you make it easy to access data, you make effective, data-driven decisions easy and routine.

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