No More Missed Punches

No Missed PunchesYou know all that time spent on dealing with missed punches and reconciling timecards? You can have it back! Welcome to the next generation of time and attendance tracking. Modern, sophisticated and easy, you can now let technology do what it does best – the hard work!

Using timecards, punch clocks, and badge readers is now a thing of the past, and for good reason. They are not only expensive in hardware costs and people’s time; they don’t do the job effectively.

Time management in today’s world is a breeze for both staff and management. Let’s start with staff, who can now punch in from their mobile phone as they enter the building.   With inexpensive iBeacon and or Geo-location technology the system knows when a staff member is within a few feet of a designated punch in location. If someone forgets to punch in, they get an alert and can punch in directly from the alert screen. The same applies for meals and breaks.

For Managers, when someone misses a punch they are instantly notified as is the staff member. There is no longer concern with gaming the system. With full visibility into punch in/out activity, from any mobile device or computer, managers are instantly informed when staff have not clocked in/out or are moving into overtime. With real-time data updates, you have actual overtime data and avoidable overtime data displayed right on the screen where you are making scheduling decisions.

But wait, there’s more.  You know all that time spent reconciling the schedule with timecards? Gone! The system, if fully integrated with scheduling, performs time punch/schedule reconciliation for you. Now approving timecards is a breeze.

ABILITY | SMARTFORCE Attendance… never deal with a missed punch again!

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About ABILITY® Network, Inc.
ABILITY Network is a leading information technology company helping providers and payers simplify the administrative and clinical complexities of healthcare through innovative applications and data analytics. ABILITY is headquartered in Minneapolis with principal offices in Boston and Tampa.

ABILITY | SMARTFORCE, formerly ShiftHound, which was acquired by ABILITY Network in April 2017, is the leader in cloud-based Workforce Management solutions, including Attendance, Credentials Tracking, Staff Scheduling and Open Shift Management. Organizations in any business vertical with shift-based staffing needs use ABILITY | SMARTFORCE to improve scheduling effectiveness and operational efficiency while maximizing workforce utilization, assuring compliance with policies and/or labor contracts, addressing open shifts and better managing labor costs such as overtime and contract labor utilization.

About Kathy Douglas
Kathy is a healthcare executive and filmmaker. She has been on the executive team of several start-up companies bring cutting edge technology solutions to the healthcare industry for over 20 years. She has published extensively on the topic of healthcare staffing and the healthcare workforce. She holds a masters degree from the University of San Francisco and is a graduate of Stanford Business School’s Executive Program.