Scheduling Beyond the Clinical Areas

Organization Wide Value

StaffingDoes your Dietary Department or Environmental Services Department still use paper for scheduling? Many may not realize that the benefits you get from scheduling with ShiftHound are not limited to the clinical areas.  Built on a modern architecture and designed with a 360 degree understanding of healthcare operations, ShiftHound can be configured for different departments and their unique needs, to be an enterprise wide solution to scheduling.

With everyone using the same tools for scheduling you are able to build an organization wide culture where data is actively used to inform decision making, where staff are engaged in the scheduling process, where open shifts are filled quickly, where compliance with contracts and policies are more easily honored, and where fairness and participation thrive. In addition you will have a view into house wide scheduling data on a daily basis, updated in real time, as well as aggregated data that can help you identify trends and opportunities for improving such things as sick calls and overtime utilization.

With effective and efficient scheduling across the organization everyone benefits. Operations run more smoothly, utilization of resources is optimized and financial performance is enhanced.

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