ShiftHound Online Staff Scheduling Software Announces v4.0 with the New PowerScheduler™


San Diego, Calif. August 13, 2014 – ShiftHound (, the leading provider of cloud-based Staff Scheduling Software, delivers version 4.0 of its unrivaled online Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) application.  The new PowerScheduler™ screen provides Managers with the ability to customize personalized views of schedules, and highlight shifts, labor costs and other data that is important to them for easy, quick and informed decisions.

The new ShiftHound v4.0 release includes:

New PowerScheduler Screen

Managers can dynamically view schedules in one week, two week, four week or six week formats, with additional customizable display options related to needs, staffing levels and the entire schedule.  Important decision-making information down to the Employee level is displayed and can be sorted on this one screen.  Shifts contributing to overtime along with total hours for the scheduling period selected will be highlighted, providing the necessary information for Managers and Schedulers to make appropriate adjustments to better meet department and organizational goals.

Group Scheduling

The PowerScheduler adds group scheduling and allows for sorting and filtering by these client-defined groups, making it very useful for organizing complicated schedules.  “Schedule Groups” adds powerful functionality that lets Managers separate Staff into unlimited groups – a great way to view schedules by shift, department, location or any type of multi-divisional report, all in a single view by the group.

Enhanced Templatesshifthound_templates_sm

It is now much easier for Managers to create multi-week templates, especially for Employees that work one or more weeks on and then are off the following week.  The number of weeks in the template is now prominently displayed and can be set for each Employee’s template.  Effective dates for template changes will be applied automatically for each department based on previous dates saved, which will eliminate errors due to incorrect date entry.

“With ShiftHound v4.0, the new PowerScheduler screen allows Managers to configure much of what they can see on the schedule, providing a personalized view based on individual preferences. This screen, like many others in ShiftHound, will automatically re-size to fit the display of the device,” says Doug Bertozzi, Chief Technology Officer for ShiftHound.  “PowerScheduler is easy to use and yet a very robust addition to ShiftHound, just like the recently released enhanced Command Center, which gives Managers a simple and quick way to view and address all urgent tasks in their facilities.”

“We are very excited to add PowerScheduler to ShiftHound as it will enable our clients to more effectively and efficiently manage their schedules,” says Ken Coons, Vice President of Client Experience for ShiftHound.  “By automatically adjusting to the user’s screen size and prioritizing displayed data, PowerScheduler will maximize screen real estate allowing Managers and Schedulers to view the entire schedule for the period they choose, with visibility to ensure each Employee is meeting their commitment.”

ShiftHound’s Staff Scheduling solution is simple to learn and use for both Managers and Staff.  The product’s power lies in its ease of use, and the web-based, in “the cloud” model allows for one low monthly charge, eliminating the need for expensive technical staff and maintenance fees.  ShiftHound gives its customers painless, free upgrades and they can turn on functionality and modules as or when they are needed, on demand.

About ShiftHound, Inc.

ShiftHound is the leader in cloud-based Staff Scheduling and Open Shift Management software.  Organizations in any business vertical with shift-based staffing needs use ShiftHound to reduce labor costs by preventing overtime, decreasing Employee turnover, and increasing scheduling efficiency, communication, and compliance to right-staffing ratios/PPD.  Using ShiftHound, Management and Employees gain back valuable time to do what they do best – provide quality service.  Customers choose ShiftHound because of its extremely simple to use interface, quick implementation time, and proven ability to deliver immediate ROI thorough cost savings, increased efficiencies, and better quality of life for their Employees and Staff.

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