ShiftHound Online Staff Scheduling Software Announces v5.0 with the New AutoScheduler™ and TeamScheduler™


San Diego, Calif. December 22, 2015 — ShiftHound, the leading provider of cloud-based Staff Scheduling and Workforce Management Software, delivers version 5.0 of its unrivaled online Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) application. Version 5.0 includes tools that will drive more efficiency in the scheduling process, increase communication between Managers and Staff and provide leadership with immediate feedback as to how their facilities are doing to meet staffing targets.

The new ShiftHound v5.0 release includes:


AutoScheduler™ is a rules-based tool that provides Managers with an additional capability to fill holes in the schedule quickly and fairly, meeting staffing level requirements, and making both Managers and Staff happy. AutoScheduler™ supplements ShiftHound’s current scheduling methods, which include OSM, Templates, and point-and-click-Scheduling where needed. This feature allows all holes in a schedule to be filled immediately with the press of a button. The AutoScheduler™ can create balanced schedules, and includes rules for shift assignment that can be defined by employee availability and seniority.


TeamScheduler™ is a powerful way of scheduling support Staff to a specific identified job type. For example, create a Provider and their associated team members, RNs, Techs, etc. As the Providers’ shifts are scheduled, their team members are automatically entered for the same locations and times. Cancel a Provider’s shift and the team scheduled to work with that Provider can be cancelled as well, or just as easily left in place. Moving a Provider to another location will also allow moving the team with the Provider. ShiftHound’s TeamScheduler™ makes adding, changing, or cancelling shifts for the team quick and easy, and also very flexible with complete control of who’s working.


With a quick flip of security permissions, Staff can be given the ability to define their unavailable times for specific periods of time or in general, and these unavailable times are displayed on schedules and other staffing screens and reports. There are also staff-defined “Preferences not to work,” which are used in the AutoScheduler™ rules.

Partial Open Shift Requests

One of the most common features clients have asked for is the ability for Staff to request part of an Open Shift, a partial four hours out of the eight for example. The unrequested hours of the shift remain open until filled by assignment or through shift requests by other staff. This eliminates the time it takes Managers to adjust existing shifts and enter new shifts manually, and it’s also automated into the Manager approval process.

Contact Report

This new report allows Managers to see all notifications sent by date, by time, who sent it and when it was sent. This is very valuable in tracking communication history with Staff members.

CMS Five Star Graph

This addition to the graphic and interactive Organization View displays how many stars a location is awarded based on the rules for staffing levels defined in the CMS Five-Star Quality Rating System.

Other features and improvements

The new version of ShiftHound offers many other features to make ShiftHound more effective and more efficient, including reporting options, scheduling screen improvements, and the ability to define and update more information across all elements of the product easily and quickly.

“With ShiftHound v5.0, the new AutoScheduler™ allows Managers to balance schedules fairly and fill open shifts quickly,” says Doug Bertozzi, Chief Technology Officer for ShiftHound. “AutoScheduler™ is easy to use and yet a very robust addition to ShiftHound, just like the new MobileManager™ that will be released very soon, where Managers are able to view and approve coverage, time-off and open shift requests all through the Mobile App.”

“We are very excited to add TeamScheduler™ to ShiftHound as it will enable our clients to more effectively and efficiently manage their schedules where groups are involved,” says Ken Coons, Vice President of Client Experience for ShiftHound.  “Teams are scheduled together and when there is a change of plans, decisions can be made to easily move the team, cancel the team, or divide the team into other shifts or areas.”

ShiftHound’s v5.0 Staff Scheduling solution is simple to learn and use for both Managers and Staff. The product’s power lies in its ease of use, and the web-based, in “the cloud” model allows for one low monthly charge, eliminating the need for expensive technical staff and maintenance fees. ShiftHound gives its customers painless, free upgrades and they can turn on functionality and modules as or when they are needed, on demand.

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