ShiftHound v6.0 delivers Automatic Avoidable Overtime Reports to your Inbox

InboxShiftHound, the leading provider of online Staff Scheduling Software delivers version 6.0 of their online Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) application.  This latest release provides managers with proactive tools for better scheduling decisions reducing labor costs.

Continuing to set new standards for addressing overtime, version 6.0 builds upon previous releases that integrate avoidable overtime data directly into daily scheduling decisions by sending Avoidable Overtime Reports via email. “Our priority is to help managers optimize the use of scheduling data so they can be pro-active, not reactive.” says Ken Coons, VP Client Experiences.  “With email delivery of Avoidable Overtime Reports, managers can easily stay informed on trends and the positive impact that effective use of data has on overtime usage.”

“Multi-phase is a new feature that came out of working closely with our clients and listening to their needs” says Jawad Mohammad, VP Client Support.  “It offers unprecedented control and flexibility while adhering to our commitment to simplicity.” Multi-phase gives managers more control over how open shifts are filled. They can now be posted in phases allowing defined groups to see and request open shifts at different times. For example, an open shift can be posted first to home unit staff, and if no one requests the shift by a designated time, access to the open shift can expand to a larger group of qualified staff. With the new multi-phase staffing feature, filling open shifts by seniority, home unit or many other custom groups is easily accomplished.

Addressing the need to fill open shifts separate from posting the full schedule, with version 6.0, managers can now make open shifts available for signup prior to giving staff access to the full schedule. In addition, the entire process has been automated so that managers can set up view dates and let it run with no more manual configuration.

“ShiftHound’s reputation for transforming complex scheduling tasks into simple actions is something we take a tremendous amount of pride” says ShiftHound’s President Ian Chaplin. “It’s easy for the complexity of scheduling to overtake usability as evidenced by a market filled with over built and hard to use systems. At ShiftHound, we work tirelessly to assure that the user experience is not burdened by the underlying complexity of scheduling.”

Other features users will enjoy with the release of 6.0 include updates to the Mobile App with enhanced search features making it even easier for staff to find the shifts they are most interested in working and also notifications to newly posted open shifts, both of which can be requested with a single tap.

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About ShiftHound, Inc.

ShiftHound is the leader in cloud-based Workforce Management solutions, including Attendance, Credentials Tracking, Staff Scheduling and Open Shift Management.  Organizations in any business vertical with shift-based staffing needs use ShiftHound to improve scheduling effectiveness and operational efficiency, while maximizing workforce utilization, assuring compliance with policies and/or labor contracts and addressing open shifts and better manage labor costs such as overtime and contract labor utilization.

Using ShiftHound, Management and Employees gain back valuable time to do what they do best – provide quality service.  Customers choose ShiftHound because of its extremely simple to use interface, quick implementation time, and proven ability to deliver immediate ROI thorough cost savings, increased efficiencies, and better quality of life for their Employees and Staff.

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