Using Data for Improved Staffing Outcomes

ShiftHound Organization ChartsWhen you have access to the right data, on the same screen where you are making staffing decisions, you will see improved efficiency, productivity and financial performance. This is a reality that comes with well designed and modern staffing software.

What’s important is not that there is data, these days most people have more data than they know what to do with. What is important is having the right data, displayed in the right places, so that the data can be used to inform decisions.

When making a choice between three qualified staff members, you will make the best decision if you can easily see, right next to their names, things like: how many hours they have already worked, who is in overtime, who was called off last, what their seniority is, what their pay rate is, as well as easily view their skills, and credentials.

Effective decision making, that improves outcomes, is empowered by the smart use of data. Demand it of your staffing solution.

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