What’s coming in ShiftHound v3.1

We know that our clients will really like the next version of ShiftHound – v3.1Mobile_Screen_v3.1

Tracking Employee Turnover and Costs of Churn

One of the main highlights of this version will be analytics on employee turnover. The Executive Dashboards will now include graphs on Churn, as well as Cost of Replacement. Turnover is a major issue for many organizations, and being able to view turnover trends and reasons is very important. Data reports supplement the graphs allowing for you to do more detailed analysis and calculations.

Improved Time-Off Functionality

Employee time-off is another issue that clients deal with, and ShiftHound v3.1 will improve both how time-off is requested and how it is approved. We know that enhancements to how this works will be something our clients and their staff members will love.

You asked, we responded.

Enhanced Mobile Screens

Staff members checking schedules and making requests on their smart phones will be able to do this much easier now. ShiftHound v3.1 will introduce a mobile-friendly view for staff, and this is just the beginning of the mobile make-over ShiftHound is getting on the staff side:

  • View Schedule – Calendar and List Form optimized for mobile screens
  • Request Open Shifts – Easily fill open shifts
  • Request Time Off – Enhanced screens for requesting time off
  • Coverage Swap – Quickly accept a swap from their mobile device (still requires manager approval)

A staff and manager app for iPhone s & Android will follow this Summer.

New Reports

Finally, ShiftHound will continue to make your day-to-day operations easier. New reports like the improved Daily Staffing Sheets show which staff member is working when and where in a consolidated format, and will be essential for anyone responsible for checking on staff.

As you know, ShiftHound is constantly improving and v3.1 is going to add even more great features and functionality… coming soon!

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