Zen and the Art of Healthcare Staffing

ShiftHound MobileBy Kathy Douglas RN, MPH-HA, Chief Clinical Officer with ShiftHound

It wasn’t that long ago that few, if any, could imagine that a telephone would have all the capabilities of today’s Smartphones. Yet here we are talking, texting, taking pictures and videos, watching TV or movies and listening to our favorite music with playlists we create, all on the phone. The staggering speed with which we went from landlines to Smartphones has demonstrated what can happen when the right minds, talent and technologies come together.

What is also remarkable is the fact that Smartphones, with all of these amazing capabilities, don’t come with user manuals. People are not sitting around classrooms learning how to use them. You may have to Google a feature or two, as many cool options are not on the surface, but to get some perspective, when my granddaughter was 1 year old, she could make her way around an iPad and iPhone, no problem. All that complexity, so elegantly, simple and usable.

What teams like Apple’s have shown us, is that complex can become simple. In their case, simple enough to inspire and delight millions of users all over the world. Why not the same for healthcare staffing? If you talk to those who are still in the landline mentality or too invested in old technology to leverage what is available in 2016, you likely would find doubters. Some may see the possibility of a simple, elegant solution for healthcare staffing a myth. Or some may resist for reasons that are financially, politically, investor, or competitively driven.

What seems important to point out is there isn’t anyone who actually understands staffing in healthcare that would call it simple or elegant. More likely you would hear words like hard, chaotic, unpredictable, demanding, time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be that way..

Next generation solutions to healthcare staffing that are untethered by investments in old technology

Next generation solutions to healthcare staffing that are untethered by investments in old technology, not bogged down by large inefficient teams, layers of decision making and stifled by limited vision, have been inspired by the challenges that healthcare staffing presents. Breaking down barriers and thriving in innovation, a whole new era of solutions has emerged. It may be fair to predict that not long from now we will look back at the complex, difficult to use, difficult to implement, expensive solutions on the market today and be amused at the old “landlines” we were once so dependent on.

Today, as many early adopters are discovering, you no longer have to close your eyes and imagine Healthcare Staffing technology solutions that are powerful, simple, elegant , easy to implement and easy to use. They are here now and they are helping redefine what effective staffing is and what it takes to accomplish it.

Soon the value of new technology solutions will overcome the barriers to their adoption. Large investments in older technology will give way to cloud based solutions that are powerful, flexible and affordable. It may take a while for those who have big investments in out dated technology to make a move, but it will come.

In the meantime the 50% or so of healthcare organizations that are still using paper and spreadsheets no longer have to wait to enjoy the many benefits of automated scheduling; decreased overtime, increased satisfaction, less time staffing, more effective staffing and more data driven, effective decisions that improves overall quality and financial performance, to name a few, are there for the taking.

About ShiftHound, Inc.

ShiftHound is the leader in cloud-based Staff Scheduling and Human Capital Management software. Organizations in any business vertical with shift-based staffing needs use ShiftHound to reduce labor costs by preventing overtime, decreasing employee turnover, and increasing scheduling efficiency, communication, and compliance to right-staffing ratios/PPD. Using ShiftHound, management and employees gain back valuable time to do what they do best – provide quality service. Customers choose ShiftHound because of its extremely simple to use interface, quick implementation time, and proven ability to deliver immediate ROI thorough cost savings, increased efficiencies, and better quality of life for their employees and staff.

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